Benefits of Chocolates

  1. Chocolate improves heart health – It reduces cardiovascular risk.
  2. Chocolate reduces stroke risk – Chocolate contains Flavonoids which is a high antioxidant that decrease bad concentration of bad blood clots.
  3. Chocolate fills you up – Dark chocolate can actually keeps you full and so you’ll eat less
  4. Dark chocolates can actually be good for your skin – due to certain type of antioxidants contain in chocolate, it offer some protection over UV damage from the sun.
  5. Chocolate makes you happy – Indulging in your sweet treat will always satisfy your moodiness.
  6. Cocoa improves blood flow – It actually acted similarly as an aspirin where it has anti-clotting and blood thinning properties in it,
  7. Chocolate makes happier kids – Studies have found that women who had chocolate more during pregnancy can actually handle stress better and their kids actually smiled more.
  8. Chocolate keeps you alert – Studies have shown that chocolates can boost blood flow in key parts of your brain. It can help you maintain alertness for at least 2-3 hours.
  9. Chocolate keeps you live longer – Cocoa beans that are packed with antioxidants can actually help you fight diseases and cut risk of heart diseases.
  10. Chocolate slows down muscle aging – A plant compound that is found in chocolate can actually stimulate the same muscle response as vigorous exercise.